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Casinos Introduce Avatar Slot Machines

 avatar slot game

Avatar was released several years ago, but it seems to be making some kind of a comeback. An entire section of the Disney theme park will soon feature Avatar land, complete with rides, attractions and merchandise, and now casinos will be bringing Avatar back into the public consiousness with Avatar themed slot games.

It took two years of work between International Game Technology and Twentieth Century Fox in order to bring to market a slot game based on James Cameron's film, which also happens to be the highest world wide grossing movie of all time.  

The slot machine is a beast, and is designed to attract a lot of attention on the casino floor with massive screens (42 inches, 70 inches, and 103 inches) that will show clips and scenes and feature sound bites and characters from the film.

Five people will be able to to play at the same time on the set-up that's planned for casinos. For more movie themed slot games, our online casino has a huge selection of games.

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