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Aristocrat Reveals Plans for 'Sharknado' Slots Game

sharknado slots

It was the low budget horror comedy that no one would have believed would become a cult phenomenon spawning merchandise and seemingly endless sequels, but this is the world we live in . And now, you'll be able to live the Sharknado dream while playing slots. The future is now.

The Sharknado slot machines will feature all your favorite insane moments from the films, including of course, live sharks spinning out of huge tornados.

“Sharknado is a very fun slot game,” a rep from the company who made the game says. “This has a cult following, and it’s obviously a bizarre concept that the movie’s based around. Sharks are thrown out of the tornado at you. You swat the sharks for bonuses. All the time, the music from the show is playing.”

Your Sharknado slot specials include a free-spins bonus featuring a tornado that spins across the screen, spewing out sharks. As the player, your job is simple. Shoot active chainsaws at them until you've wiped out every last shark before it flies into you. A tale as old as time.  

This brilliant entry into the slots world comes to us via, Aristocrat, the third largest slot company in North America.

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