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New Emoji-themed Slot Game Coming Soon

emoji slot game

It's actually a little hard to believe that its taken this long for a slot developer to cash in on the most popular form of digital communication since the word-based text. Emojis are now a part of our vernacular, and they've even got their own movie coming out, with none other than Sir Patrick Stewart as the voice of the poo emoji.

So why not a slot game!? NetEnt's chief product officer, Simon Hammon, released a statement about the upcoming game, saying:

"As a leader in both mobile online gaming and innovation, emojis are a perfect fit with NetEnt. Every day, millions – if not billions – of people around the world enjoy using emojis. They have become a language in their own right; it is hard to think of a more collectively familiar and loved brand to partner up with."

"We are tremendously excited to bring the colourful and exciting world of the emoji company to the gaming community. We are sure that the Emojiplanet game will be a fantastic success for players of all ages."

The slot game, which will certainly be a hit with younger slot game players, is set to be released this August.

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